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Frank Yee

Born as the youngest of four brothers from Hong Kong, Frank Yee aspired to become a professional racer.Frank traveled great distances and arrived in Canada during his early childhood years. At the age of twenty nine, Frank had finally begun racing sports cars with the SCCA Northwest Region. After three years, Frank further developed his skills by training at Bridgestone, Ontario with the F2000 Bridgestone Racing Series.

After his training, Frank was ready and felt much determination to bring the rise of S&D Motorsports. With the help and support of the S&D International Group based in Edmonton, Alberta, Frank was declared the Champion of the 2003 Macau 50 GP HKAA Roadsport Championship, Class A. This podium placement signified Frank’s success in the professional sports car racing community through persistence and a love for racing cars.

In doing so, the relationship between Frank and S&D Motorsports was solidified, and the growing sponsorships for Frank were the inevitable next steps to growing his racing career.

A year later in 2004, Frank decided to tackle the incorporation of S&D Motorsports.

Presently, Frank and Harry Chai have been able to build the success of S&D Motorsports by rapidly paving the way for its Driver Development Program in Malaysia and China. Frank and his partner have also helped S&D Motorsports claim multiple victories in various levels of GT and Enduro racing.

Frank continues his career after establishing the Driver Development Program by placing first in the Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race, Class B and the Asian GT Championship, Class B in 2007 and 2008, respectively. Currently, Frank has entered in 125 races, placed on podium 30 times (24% podium percentage) with 10 of them being wins (8% race win percentage).

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